For Childcare Centres and Preschools

Our Acrotots Preschool Program is a program specifically designed for child care centres and preschools. We have developed the Acrotots Preschool Program to ensure every child receives quality physical education in a preschool setting. We understand this is a vital time for children to learn and develop.


Our vision is for all children to experience play-based learning through active movement which focuses on strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. We follow the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the principles of Belonging, Being and Becoming. We provide equipment for each class and organise a variety of activities targeting memory retention and multi sensory learning. 


Our program are run by school terms (9-10 weeks) - this can be altered to fit your needs. Times of classes are dependant on age and are optional to what suits your time table. Our classes are suitable for ages 2-6.​

We can organise a schedule for you to alternate between 2 days a week, so you can cater to a variety of children. For example, your schedule could look like:

Week 1: Monday

Week 2: Thursday

Week 3: Monday

Week 4: Thursday



Parents love dressing their child up in our ACROTOTS singlets and jackets and children also love wearing them. Our singlets and jackets are available for an extra cost. 


Children and parents love learning our program, if you would like more information about availability and prices please email us at:

The Acro Co.